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The Couple


The Bride


The Groom

About Abi

Fashionista, Cake Lover, Sunshine Seeker, Super Mum

The good things in life are better with you

About Clint

Lost Aussie Beach Bum, Enthusiastic Smoothie Maker

"I wanna love you, every day and every night" 

Love Story

How We Met

Clint had just got back from his travels when he and Abi met for the second time at the engagement party of some good friends. He was playing it very cool, but he had a plan! By the end of the evening Abi somehow ended up being the one asking for his number.. And the rest as they say, is history 🙂

We Got Engaged

Love Proposal

We went away for a weekend in Paris. Knowing of Abi’s love of art, Clint arranged for a lovely wander through Claude Monet’s gardens, then totally surprised Abi by getting down on one knee, and Abi happily said yes!

And Two Became Four!

We Got Engaged

First along came beautiful boy Kye, and life as we knew it would never be the same again…but we wouldn’t have it any other way

Then two years later, after a Christmas of waiting….gorgeous girl Ava was born and what a sweetheart she is

Wedding Events

We hope you will join us in Somerset at North Cadbury Court for all Events including the Wedding Ceremony, the Reception & the Sunday BBQ

See below for location details


Ceremony & Reception


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at 2:00 PM Ceremony
4:00 PM Reception
North Cadbury Court
Food and Drinks will be provided
Dress Code = Formal

Sunday BBQ

on 13th August 2017 at 1:00 PM North Cadbury Court
Food & Drinks will be provided
Dress Code = Relaxed


The Groomsmen

 Boys will be boys and this crew have all the stories 

Groom Friend

JustinBest Man

Groom Friend


Groom Friend

KyeBest Man

Groom Friend

Chris & JCGroomsman (JC = Master of Ceremony)

Groom Friend


Groom Friend

Jimmy, FiGroomsman & Groomswoman

The Bridesmaids

 Ladies thank you for being amazing, for always being there and for always making me smile

Bride Friend

Emma & ShelinaBridesmaids

Bride Friend


Bride Friend

AvaFlower Girl

Bride Friend


Bride Friend


Bride Friend

Silje & MerimaBridesmaids

Wishing Well



All Events will take place at North Cadbury Court, Somerset including the Ceremony, Reception & Sunday BBQ

North Cadbury Court (all Events)

North Cadbury Court
North Cadbury
Yeovil, BA22 7DR

Are You Attending

Book a Hotel or B&B

  • hotel

    Lanes Hotel

    High Street, Yeovil
    Somerset, West Coker
    BA22 9AJ, United Kingdom

    Book Now
  • hotel

    Best Western - The Grange At Oborne

    Dorset, DT9 4LA, United Kingdom

    Book Now
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    Other Places To Stay

    For Many More Accomodation options
    please click on link below
    for North Cadbury Court's suggested places;
    (please note the website link to Ashlea House does not work all others should)

    Other Places to Stay


Food Tasting
14 Jan

Loving the food tasting, hmmmm... so tricky to choose!

Scoping Out The Venue
16 Oct

'circular tables or long tables.... lets go with long (-:'

First Visit To North Cadbury
24 Jul

Well I like the gardens...and there is plenty of space to play hide and seek ;)